as of August 13, 2021 (令和3年8月13日更新)
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Politics & Economics
Monthly Magazine

 Worked for Nagoya Bureau of Ministry of
International Trade and Industry

(Chubu Bureau of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

General Administration Division/Personnel Department/
Chief Executive Secretary /Pressroom Assistant☆


   Born in Hamamatsu-City,
Shizuoka Prefecture

☆Docile Gentle Honor Student
Who Loved to Read Books

   旧姓は田中  Maiden Name was Tanaka   
Got Prefectural Blue-Ribbon Prize for
Youth Reading and Book Description Competition

Received Official First Grade on Abacus Calculation
by National Calculation Federation


Received Blue-Ribbon Prize in Calligraphy
With High Rank Title as "Nidan"

☆書道「筆陣」2段 & 静岡県席書コンクールで「特選」受賞☆

Received Intermediate Certificate for
"How to put on Japanese Kimono Dress"

☆和服の着付士 中級免許取得☆

Got Certificate for "Flower Arrangement"
in Sougetsu-Ryu Flower Arrangement School"

Majored in English Literature
Acquired Certificate as an English Teacher

"Nutritional Cuisine Course
at Umezono Life Science Laboratory"

Nine-Year-Stay in the U.S.A after Marriage
& Raised Up Two Boys

☆結婚後、アメリカ転勤で、9年間アメリカ滞在。 男児2人の母☆
Took LLI Meeting
Basic Course at
Inoue Language
Research Institute

☆L L I 井上語学研究所の
Studied ESL(English as a Second Language) program
at William Rainey Harper College in U.S.A

E S L (English as a Second Language)プログラム履修☆

39 unit acquisition including A grades
at Middlesex County College as a Part-Time Student

Middlesex County大学で受講生として現地学生と共学→Aを含む39単位取得☆
TOEFL-PBT 88% (597 out of 677 perfect scores)
Tested at Princeton University
☆トーフル(T O E F L-PBT) 677満点中597点(88%) ☆プリンストン大学で受験☆

☆Grade A on BETA-T(English Communicative
Competence Test for Businessmen)☆
☆BETA-U(Businessmen's English Test and Appraisal )
Second Grade (out of Tenth)☆

Member of E TJ (English Teachers in Japan)
David English House
Attended English Education Method Seminar by
Oxford University Press in English

Got "Certificate in Teaching Japanese Students"
with Report Presentation in English
STEP(Society for Testing English Proficiency)P-1 Grade
  Completed "Perl & CG I "
Web System Architect
Technique Programming
Course at Chubu Vocational
Training Center


WEBページ構築技法「 Perl & CG I 」
Received Certificate
of Appreciation
for Long Term

Continue ICT & PC technology Study Including
Image Processing, Video Processing or Web Programing

 School Councilor as an Expert Nominated by
City Board of Education for 16 Years

Member of J A LT (The Japan Association
for Language Teaching)

Friendship with Native Teachers at
Universities or Other English Schools

☆J A LT (全国語学教育学会)のメンバー☆
 Activities as a Member of
Komaki International Association

Interpretation for English Lectures
Presented by Many Foreigners

Interpreter for the Foreigners for Various Occasions
Instructor for Several English Classes for Many Years
Culture Club English Teacher at Komaki Royal Hotel
☆Instructed English in front of 50 Women☆

ING English Class Teacher at
Route Inn Hotel Grantia Komaki

Instructor for "English Conversation Circle"
at Komaki Eastern Civic Center

 Launched and Taking Up
"English Related Party with Attractions"


 AERA English Magazine Introduced ING English Class

 In Charge of English Lectures for Komaki Citizen
Taught Challenging Mind with Kimono Dress
to The English Class for Senior Citizens

English Teacher for Copin Sports Club Komaki
at Route-Inn Hotel Grantia Komaki


Instructor for "Let's Enjoy
English Conversation with Classmates"


☆In Charge of English Class for a Certain Company☆
☆Put into Practice an English Related Event
@ Komanabi Festival 2016〜2020☆



☆English Guidance for Noh "Aoi-no-Ue" at Takigi-Noh☆
☆薪能で、 観世流 「葵上」英語ガイダンスを担当

☆In Charge of
a Chief Judge for an English Speech Contest☆